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Central Library

                   The modus operandi is regularly monitored by the Advisory Committee of the Central Library of the college, which comprises of the Principal as the Chairperson, the Librarian as the Convener, some teachers and Student representative. The Committee recommends books, which are needed by the students and also suggested by the teachers considering the up-to-date development of the subject concerned. It also monitors the purchase of latest edition of books, distribution of funds, selection of journals; maintenance of old books and journals etc. The Librarian takes care of the preservation and accession of books. Students and staff avail themselves of the benefits of free internet access, computerized browsing and lending facility Complete Accession Numbering system; Cataloguing and classification of all books are done with the user-friendly multi-digit Alphanumeric Decimal based numbering system in accordance with the Dewey Decimal Classification system. There is a separate journal section within the reading room. The process of automation is ongoing. Internet facility for searching e-book and e-journal   are available and downloading is allowed through INFLIBNET N-LIST, NDL and DSpace. There is a Photocopier to provide in house facilities. The library has installed KOHA Software package. Book Issue/return is going through this software. For this purpose the library is provided 15 computers for the purpose of Book entry, Issue/return, catalogue search (Web-OPAC), web Search etc.