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Research Centre

Prabhat Kumar College, Contai has established itself not only as a leading institute of Undergraduate studies but expanded itself to offer Postgraduate teaching in Six disciplines under the faculties of Arts, Science and Commerce. At both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels, the college caters primarily to socially and economically backward classes. The vision of the present State Government being to take the flames of Higher education to every corner (manifested in the establishment of new Universities in every district), the establishment of Research Centres in HSS (Humanities & Social Sciences) and NS (Natural Sciences) in the college are small steps but giant leaps in that direction. 

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Message from HOD

From the inception of the college, our vision is to promote and spread that kind of education that not only offers knowledge, but also arranges for its cultivation and flowering for the all-round development of our society. Besides, the UG, PG and Te...

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