Wednesday, August1, 2018

Science Academics’ Lecture Workshop on ‘Recent Advancements in Chemical Education’

We are happy to announce that the Department of Chemistry is going to hold, in collaboration with Joint Science Education Panel, a Two-day science Academies lecture workshop on ‘Recent Advancements in Chemical Education’ during August 09-10, 2018.

                Renowned academicians from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Kharagpur), Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science (IACS, Kolkata) and Jadavpur University (JU, Kolkata) of West Bengal are going to grace this workshop with their valuable interactive lectures.


Motivation of the Workshop

Chemistry, being a central subject of various multi disciplinary researches, is a well developed science and rapidly expanding its dimensions. The advancements of modern chemistry and chemical education are a challenging topic to the students accompanied by a massive change in societal impacts. The advancements in medicinal chemistry and solid state chemistry are radically developed in last few years with some path breaking discoveries. The workshop is being organized to open up with the present challenges in this direction. It is mainly intended to the enrichment of UG Chemistry students towards the advancements of all perspectives of chemical education along with new research in these fields. This is the huge scope for the students to interact with eminent scientists from the renowned Institutes/University of our country and to enrich themselves with the new insight of chemistry and chemical education.

Discussion and demonstration will be on:

  • Organic Molecules as Medicines: Activity and Explanation
  • Evolution of X-ray Crystallography: Handover of Batten from Physics to Chemistry or Chemical Biology
  • A Relook at the Werner’s Theory after 125 Years
  • The Fun of Making Metal-Carbon Bonded Species
  • Enzyme Catalysis beyond Aqueous Domain