Central Nanoscience Laboratory

‘Without laboratories men of science are soldiers without arms’—Louis Pasteur.


Nanoscience and technology will change the nature of almost every human-made object in the 21st century--- M.C. Roco, et al.

The importance of nanoscience in the 21st century can hardly be minimized. It has represented a paradigm shift in scientific research in creating a wealth of new materials and manufacturing possibilities. Of late, with the  financial assistance of RUSA, a   Central Nanoscience Laboratory has been developed in the main science building of the college to motivate the teachers and students with better opportunities that can help them fabricate materials literally molecule-by-molecule. Needless to say, qualified teachers of different science departments have kept themselves actively engaged in the manufacture of numerous products that we use in our everyday life. They have also been motivating the students of the respective departments to involve themselves in scientific research provided in the Nanoscience Laboratory.