Saturday, May4, 2024

Notice regarding postponement of VU Examination and closing of college due to Parliamentary Election

This is for information of all concerned that the Examinations (UG 1st Semester, 2023 under CCFUP-NEP) scheduled on 02.05-24, 03.05.24 & 04.05.24 have been postponded as per the Notification (vide Ref. No. VU/CE/GD-SPL/1/2024 DATED- 30.04.2024) and the examination scheduled on 06.05.2024  has also been postponed as per notification (vide Ref. No. VU/CE/GD-SPL/2/2024 dated 03.05.2024) issued by the Controller of Examinations, VU. The revised dates for all these examinations will be notified in due time.

            It is also notified that the College has been requisitioned on and from 04.05.2024 for the General Election to House of People, 2024 by the District Election Officer and District Magistrate, Purba Medinipur (vide order no. 524/EVM dated 02.05.2024), therefore the College will remain closed on and from 06.05.2024 to 06.06.2024.