Central Library

• With an object to properly maintain the infrastructure of the college, there is a dedicated team of electrician, plumber, carpenter, sweepers and scavengers who provide round the clock service to departments, hostels and quarters.

• The college has Building Subcommittee that oversees the maintenance of buildings. 

• Fire extinguishers are checked frequently, and their refilling is done after the expiry.

• Computers and peripherals are checked, cleaned, calibrated and maintained by respective technical assistant, whenever required.

• So far as the science departments are concerned, one person is assigned to oversee the laboratories and equipment etc.

• Each department maintains a stock register of equipment provided to them.

• Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is opted for most of the services and equipment and there is one person designated to maintain computers.

• The AMC facility includes maintenance of Generator, Air Conditioners, CCTV cameras and Water Purifiers.

• The campus is protected by surveillance cameras.

• Pest control of library books and records is done every year by the Library Subcommittee.

• Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is opted for most of the services and equipment and there is one person designated to maintain computers.

• The AMC facility includes maintenance of Generator, Air Conditioners, CCTV cameras and Water Purifiers.

• College provides staffs for continuous maintenance of computer and classroom facilities. 

Central Library: https://pkcollegecontai.ac.in/page.aspx?page_id=1094


                   The modus operandi  is regularly monitored by the Advisory Committee of the Central Libvrary of the college, which comprises of the Principal as the Chairperson, the Librarian as the Convener, Secretary of the Teachers’ Council and some other teachers. The Committee also includes the representatives of those departments having departmental libraries. The Committee recommends books, which are needed by the students and also suggested by the teachers considering the up-to-date development of the subject concerned. It also monitors the purchase of latest edition of books, distribution of funds, selection of journals; maintenance of old books and journals etc. The Librarian takes care of the preservation and accession of books. Students and staff avail themselves of the benefits of free internet access, computerized browsing and lending facility Complete Accession Numbering system; Cataloguing and classification of all books are done with the user-friendly multi-digit Alphanumeric Decimal based numbering system in accordance with the Dewey system. There is a separate journal section within the reading room. The process of automation is ongoing. Internet facility for e-book is available and downloading is allowed. There is a Photocopier to provide in house facilities. The library has installed LIBSYS package. The library has offered INFLIBNET facilities in accordance with the suggestion of the committee.


  • Librarian:      Mr. Debasis Bera, M.Com, MLISc., M.Phil., Diploma in Computer

Library Space

5,470 Sq. ft.

No. of Books


No. of Book Titles


Total Number of Journals & Magazines




Over 6000+


Over 3135000+

News Paper

6 (National) + 2 (local)

Employment related Paper



Once Albert Einstein opined: “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library”. Indeed, the Central Library of the college is separately built with a spacious  reading room and a circulation section that remain open on all working days from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm (only up to 3.00 pm on Saturday) except on Sunday and other scheduled national and Gazetted holidays of the College. It is said that bad libraries have collections but good libraries build services. Ours is the second kind and we have been offering the following services to augment the knowledge of our students:

  • Digitized catalogue
  • OPAC terminals
  • Separate Reading Rooms for Teachers & Students
  • Reprography Services
  • Online Access of over 6000 e-books and journals through INFLIBNET
  • Personalized username and password for PG students for free and unlimited access to e-resources via INFLIBNET.
  • Access to National Digital Library.
  • Book Bank Facility
  • Rare Book Collection/Section
  • Journals/Periodicals section
  1. It is compulsory for every Student to have a Library Card.
  2. Every student will have to deposit his or her Library Card at the time of borrowing a book from the Library.
  3. The Student will take back the card after returning the borrowed book.
  4. No book can be retained for more than 15 days at a stretch.
  5. After 15 days a book may be re-issued provided no other student wants to borrow it.
  6. Fine of 50 paise per day is charged for retaining a book for more than 15 days.
  7. A Student will have to submit requisition slips to the Librarian for any book he/she wants to borrow.
  8. The Student of Three Year Degree class must return the Library books along with library card before filling in their application form for admission into final examination.
  9. Before the summer recess students of first year class must return Library books borrowed from the Library and also Library Card issued to them.
  10. A fresh Library Card will be issued to the student at the beginning of the session.
  11. If any student fails to return the Library Card a fine of Rs.10.00 may be levied on him/her.





Monday to Friday

10.00am. to 5.00 pm.



10.00am to 3.00pm.