Best Practices

1. With a view to strengthening the relationship with the community and in conformity with one of the missions of our college, which reads “To create good future citizens for the country with competence, commitment, conscience and compassion”, of late we have adopted 5 villages namely Banamalipur, Jagannathpur Part II, Bankaberia, Pairachali, and Srirampur to carefully augment villagers’ quantitative and qualitative aspects. Depending on the need of the people of these respective villages, we organize some consciousness programmes in those villages to make them aware of health-related and legal issues. We also have just begun to develop the skill of the villagers so that they can become cognizant of developing vermin compost mainly to build an environmental consciousness amongst the rural people.


2. With a view to render the teaching-learning process more student-centric, several departments of the college have laid emphasis on the vertical as well as the horizontal expansion of the infrastructure of the college. We also use to award the achievers with medals and scholarship to encourage and motivate them to higher learning. Most importantly, we regularly waive off the tuition fees of the economically underprivileged students. Different departments of the college regularly conduct special remedial classes for the backward learners.