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Aims and Objectives

  • To contribute to the university’s strategic educational and research missions and to support synergies between research, teaching and learning.
  • To promote and facilitate collaborative and/or interdisciplinary research on the thrust area.
  • To provide opportunity for flowering of creative and critical potential of young talents interested in working on the socio-cultural –literary aspects of the southern parts of Bengal in the wider contexts.
  • To motivate the students to become research oriented and be careful of their social responsibilities in higher studies.
  • To make the young talents aware of the different cultural and literary manifestations in the adjoining areas, hitherto neglected/unexplored, in keeping with the vision document of the UGC and MHRD.
  • To transfer and mobilize knowledge gained through research for the benefit of society in general and the people of the focal region in particular, via a variety of mechanisms as appropriate.
  • To create a synergy among the different Govt. and Non-Govt. delivery mechanism on the one hand and the academics on the other leading to knowledge-sharing for the greater good of the society.
  • To collaborate with the different Research Centres created by the University such as the Women’s Studies Centre, the Centre for Adivasi Studies, the Centre of Environmental studies etc. to enhance deeper understanding of and integration with the particular region(s) of research.
  • To create an ambience of research that will not restrict itself to Research programme but percolate down even to the undergraduate studies.
  • To tune up better co-ordination with neighbouring and newly established colleges through collaborative research work and knowledge-sharing.