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  1. Female mentoring programme has been carried out. Mainly counseling process will be carry out in the mentoring programme. A special emphasis will be given to encourage our female students to join in NCC.
  2. Gender sensitized programme has been organized for female students.
  3. Small felicitation programme has been organized to greate successful female students and faculty members.
  4. International Women’s Day (8th March) has been observed and the felicitation programme will be organized on that day.
  5. Few programmes (Seminar/conference) have been arranged to recall the contribution of successful women in different sector of society.
  6. All members of women’s forum will has contributed a fixed amount to organize different activities.
  7. Self-defense programme has been arranged for female students.  
  8. attempted will be taken to publish one or more books about the contribution of Indian women in different discipline
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