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Sexual Harassment at a workplace is undoubtedly a violation of women’s right to equality, life and liberty. It does not only create an impediment in the way of women’s participation in constructive activities at a workplace but does render the workplace hostile and insecure for them as well. Hence,  in compliance with the guidelines on sexual harassment prevention in the workplace, issued by the Honourable Supreme Court of India in 1997 (Vishaka Judgement), our college has constituted Vishakha Cell with an object to promote the principle of gender equality enshrined in the Indian Constitution.  The cell is intended to take utmost care of the grievances of girl students and female employees in the campus. Since its formation, the cell has been promoting the policy of ‘Zero Tolerance against Sexual Harassment’  by putting it up on the posters at different places in the campus, especially  at the entrance of the main college building. 

What constitutes Sexual Harassment ?

  • Offering benefits for a sexual favour.
  • Unwanted sexual advancements.
  • Threats or retaliation to ‘NO’.
  • Sexually connotative visual and suggestive gestures.
  • Sexual invectives or derogatory remarks.
  • Unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.
  • Showing  pornography.
  • Sending unsolicited  messages via e-mail, facebook, messenger, whatsApp , and other virtual medias.

What DOES NOT constitute Sexual Harassment ?

  • Saying “Thank You” or “Please”.
  • Showing compliments pertaining to HER performance.
  • Any kind of verbal or non-verbal gesture grounded on mutuality or reciprocality.