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                      As a part of the academic programme, NSS units (I, II, III, IV) of P. K. College Contai, have performed their in-campus and out campus social activities. NSS volunteers as well as programme officers are actively involved in various service programme.  

Mission of NSS

 Actually the main slogan of NSS, “not me but you”, is the main essence of the socialized living and via NSS mission a feelings will be introduced with the blood of the students, the future citizen of india, that if your social living is not good then you cannot be stay well. By performing several activities a beautiful mind of the student will be created so that   in a selfless way they can stand in any danger of society along with the people. The tiny part NSS of the cosmos is ready to sacrifice himself for the wale fare of the society and this is indicated by the blue color of the NSS logo. To fulfill this purpose Along with in-campus activity our NSS volunteers regularly perform out-campus social activities. The red color indicates  that the volunteers are full of blood i.e lively, active, energetic and full of spirit. Our NSS volunteers beers all these characters and along with  academic curriculum they are fully dedicated to national service scheme. The main mission of the NSS is to make some full energetic citizen who will be prepared to devoted themselves in welfare of society.