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Aims & Objectives

1. To empower the female students of the college

2. To sensitize the students towards gender discrimination

3. To help the female students subvert the traditional male gaze of the patriarchal society

4. To help the women stakeholders of the college move towards empowerment

5. To help the female students get established in life  

6. To enable the fair sex of the college to pursue their works with dignity and confidence.

7. To maintain a safe workplace for women.

8. To sensitize the community on gender equality issue.

9. To extend the domain of knowledge for women.

10. To augment skills of women community.

11. To highlight women’s voices and perspectives.

12. To address the common problems related to the role women in society.

13. To assist the female students in completing their education and goals.

14. To help the fair sex become leaders and role models in their communities.